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Yorkshire fetish studio

The Dungeon

The Yorkshire Fetish Studio is my custom built Dungeon, designed with the more discerning client in mind

My custom built Dungeon is designed with the more discerning client in mind.

Here you can enjoy your fetish in the safe hands of a mature and experienced Dominatrix whilst enjoying the extensive array of equipment & facilities the studio has to offer.

Your fantasies and wishes can come true at Mistress Cara’s
Yorkshire fetish studio. Both of which are full of wondrous things to explore.

You will be constrained in a variety of ways, ranging from light to severe, and made to experience a wide variety of experiences, both physically and mentally.

It is a sanctuary where Mistress Cara will lead you on a journey to fulfil her desire to exert complete control and stimulation over you in every way.

You will have your mind, body, and senses tormented and played with until you are completely disoriented and helpless under her enchantment.



In the amazingly equipped play, space, you can find an array of equipment, including:

An isolation box, a Fetters restraint body harness/suspension
spanking bench, gynae bed for those important examinations. Breath control rig made by fetish engineering and parts from rubber fusion. A bubbler bottle from @fondbeyond and bottle harness from a secure cage. A House of Eros suspension frame and sling. A Bespoke metal bondage chair built especially for Mistress Cara, A Venus 2000 milking machine. Straight jackets,  leather and rubber bondage equipment

Visit the rubber Room

The Rubber Room was designed to be the ideal location for anyone with a fascination with rubber in any form

Mistress Cara

I take pleasure when you submit to me. I enjoy what I do & when you session with ME


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