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Yorkshire fetish studio​

The Rubber room

The Yorkshire Fetish Studio is my custom built playroom, designed with the more discerning client in mind

The Rubber Room was designed to be the ideal location for anyone with a fascination with rubber in any form, whether as a slave, toy, doll, object or just as a person with a penchant for the material.

I welcome players of all skill levels, from complete novices to seasoned rubberists.
The wide variety of rubber garments, which includes sleep sacks, rubber clothes, hoods, gas masks, and breath play equipment, gives off a delightful aroma of rubber, which can be smelled across the room.

Mistress Cara is a huge fan of rubber and provides every possible amount of suffocating bondage while allowing access spots where she may torture and exert control over him.

Rubber bondage is the most fantastic way to escape the demands of daily life and relax and de-stress while you are in very skilled hands and soaking up the ambient sounds and aromas till you float off into rubber subspace. It is also the most wonderful way to relieve stress.

In addition, the Rubber Room is home to the most recent iteration of the Serious Kit 2020 milking system, which can be enjoyed during a session while in the sleepsack or, if one so chooses, while naked. Sessions can also be combined with sensory deprivation, visual stimulation, or relaxation by making use of hoods and @fondbeyond liquid lenses/coloured lenses.

Now offering sessions in the Serious Kit electro vacuum suit, which will heighten all of your senses while it sucks, pulsates, and stimulates utilising electrostim and a wet lube system, Mistress Cara is now offering sessions in the Serious Kit electro vacuum suit.

The rubber room will whisk you away to a one-of-a-kind headspace experience that will envelop and excite every cell of your rubber-clad body.



Equipment inside of the rubber room includes

Rubber/Latex catsuits/clothes.
Hoods, rebreathers, gags, inflation.
sleepsacks for total enclosure and encasement.
rubber bondage straps and restraints.
Serious Kit 2020 milking system.
Serious Kit electro vacuum suit.
Lots of toys to stimulate including electrostim.

The Dungeon

My custom built Dungeon is designed with the more discerning client in mind.

Mistress Cara

I take pleasure when you submit to me. I enjoy what I do & when you session with ME


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